Mirata Advantage

What Can The Mirata Advantage Do For You?

As a business you typically have three options for implementing your marketing program:
Hire an internal person.
The upside: control. The downside: limited capabilities or skills. It’s extremely rare to find one person who can do everything from strategy to design to web development.
Outsource your marketing to
third-party vendors.
The upside: a great way to complete specific tasks. The downside: they are typically specialists and you’ll need to manage a lot of them to execute your marketing program.
Hire an agency.
The upside: single-point of contact for all services. The downside: expensive, especially upfront when the agency team is learning your business.
The Mirata Advantage is the perfect combination of all three options
Under the Mirata Advantage we work just like an internal employee – minus employer taxes and benefits of course. Our contributions can include: ongoing strategy, budgeting, PPC management, design work, printing coordination and so many other things.

With Mirata Marketing, your budget will go much further – a true advantage over the competition.

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